At Bespoke Construction and Glazing, we have the extension and loft conversion specialists working throughout the whole of London. We offer to build extension and loft conversion as a part of our renovation services. We are client focused, and we believe that our clients are people of different background, so different choice, so our design and approach to everything about each project is approached on that basis. We will manage your loft conversion and extension from the scratch to the finish, from the design stage, through to the planning stage, then up to the decoration. So the effect of our service will be seen, as it will result in the addition of space to your home or office. We use the best materials to work and provide a friendly building practice. Due to our quality service, we were awarded the Best Extension and Alteration service provider in 2014 and 2015. If you have more children, and a lesser number of rooms, we would provide

Making use of our loft space or build extensions will save you money that you would have used to get a new house, especially when your home still has good structure.

We want to state that we can deal with any size of loft conversion and extension that you want, treating every client with utmost respect. We deal with the project from start to finish in that we provide design, regulation approval, and then get planning permission, which would automatically enable us to start with the construction of loft conversions and extension. So that large space in of your roof that does not utilize can offer you the opportunity to create more space for your home.

Of course, you would want to add a bathroom to your new loft, and we will construct you a bathroom just above the bathroom in your home so that we could use the drainage system that is already in existence. So, we also check if there would have good ventilation, installation of sound, and thermal solutions, and electric connection. The best to make the rooms more ventilated is to install on the open window or roof lights.

So if, you don’t know what to do, and it’s like moving out of your house is now an option, don’t hesitate to call us, and let’s extend your property, thereby creating more space for you. Don’t move, extend! And get the best out of your existing space, creating value for yourself, and making it beautiful.


The bathroom is one of the important rooms in a home, so having a well-designed and installed bathroom of any quote is important for your relaxation.


We create a whole new kitchen space in your brand new extension.


Choose as many types of flooring to suit different part of the house respectively as you like: Marble Floor, Underfloor heating, Polished Concrete


Plumbing infrastructure is essential for a new extension or loft conversion and it serves a critical role on how your property may last.


We will decorate any part of the house, be it exterior, interior, joinery or garden office.


Aluminium windows and doors, rooflights available to new homes that have not yet fix windows, and to the ones that want to renovate their property.


In designing your new space, an excellent, certified electrical services are very important to connect new appliances and house gadgets.


We construct wooden structures that range from roofs, staircases, windows and bespoke furniture.


Highly skilled joinery work as we produce bespoke kitchen furniture, wardrobes staircases and many more. Affordable bespoke look

Our Awards

We have also been awarded the best construction company in South East London for Best Extension in 2014, and 2015.

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East Dulwich SE22, London

Aluminum Windows, Extension, Refurbishment

Dulwich SE23, London

Aluminum Windows, Extension

Dulwich Village SE21, London

Aluminum Windows, Extension, Rooflights


Reliable, Unique, Awarded Building Services. Bespoke Glazing Solutions


With over a decade of experience, we meet the needs of our clients by providing them with the best building services in London that cover both traditional and contemporary projects, which include the total refurbishment works and complete general building.


There are many different types of aluminium windows and doors: slim frame, insulated, energy efficient and reflective. Your choice can go in line with the thickness of the glass, energy rating and frame thickness. Bespoke solution for any project.


We can design and craft the bespoke kitchen of your choice, this is where most of the things needed in your kitchen are handmade to suit your choice. We can also help you build handmade wardrobes and other furniture