Bespoke Construction and Glazing offers a full range service of refurbishment and renovations on major projects. Refurbishing gives you the opportunity to add all the extra things that you wished was in your home, so we do our best to bring out the beauty of your property and as a renowned construction company that has your interest at heart, we ensure that your home features that need attention get renovated and maintained. Here at Bespoke Construction and Glazing, our services range from providing full glazing solution to building in a very larger scale. We consistently seek improvement of your properties, where we provide you quality services at an affordable rate, our service is quickly executed, and of a high standard. So, you may ask yourself, do I need to refurbish? Why should I renovate my home? And how will I get the best design for the new home look that I seek? And the answer to those questions is simple. We would help you plan how extensive the renovating will be, giving you a proper estimate of your project. The measure of work required for your redesigns is specifically corresponding to the cost of the venture.
We refurbish and maintain kitchen fitting, tiling, and flooring, provide electrical services, glazing (installation of Windows, and others) when needed. We also provide plumbing services and make your bathroom better than it was, and good at removing interior walls, and put new walls of your choice. This services is done at its finest and goes a long way to restate our stand of providing a whole service to the homes of South East Londoners in particular and Londoners in general. When your house is refurbished, it takes on a new look, giving you the best outcome that any other construction firm can offer.  Do well to engage us in refurbishing your new home. The aim of renovating your home is to efficiently turn the structure into a comfort zone, where you enjoy high-quality value. There is also another benefit of renovating any part of your house and that’s the increase of its value and make it more profitable if you decide to put it out on sale.


The bathroom is one of the important rooms in a home, so having a well-designed and installed bathroom of any quote is important for your relaxation.


We create a whole new kitchen space in your brand new extension.


Choose as many types of flooring to suit different part of the house respectively as you like: Marble Floor, Underfloor heating, Polished Concrete


Plumbing infrastructure is essential for a new extension or loft conversion and it serves a critical role on how your property may last.


We will decorate any part of the house, be it exterior, interior, joinery or garden office.


Aluminium windows and doors, rooflights available to new homes that have not yet fix windows, and to the ones that want to renovate their property.


In designing your new space, an excellent, certified electrical services are very important to connect new appliances and house gadgets.


We construct wooden structures that range from roofs, staircases, windows and bespoke furniture.


Highly skilled joinery work as we produce bespoke kitchen furniture, wardrobes staircases and many more. Affordable bespoke look

Our Awards

We have also been awarded the best construction company in South East London for Best Extension in 2014, and 2015.

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East Dulwich SE22, London

Aluminum Windows, Extension, Refurbishment

Dulwich Village SE21, London

Extension, Refurbishment


Reliable, Unique, Awarded Building Services. Bespoke Glazing Solutions


With over a decade of experience, we meet the needs of our clients by providing them with the best building services in London that cover both traditional and contemporary projects, which include the total refurbishment works and complete general building.


There are many different types of aluminium windows and doors: slim frame, insulated, energy efficient and reflective. Your choice can go in line with the thickness of the glass, energy rating and frame thickness. Bespoke solution for any project.


We can design and craft the bespoke kitchen of your choice, this is where most of the things needed in your kitchen are handmade to suit your choice. We can also help you build handmade wardrobes and other furniture