We can produce aluminium windows, doors in large quantities for properties developers, local organisations or councils. We make sure that the specificity that you ask, is meant to the latter, thereby leaving no chances for complain which lead to hight satisfaction of such client. So, if you the owner of a big, company, or medium company, or small organization, or even if you are a private individual and want glazing service, wo well to contact us to provide you with the best glazing experience ever, cutting your glass to specificity. Give us the chance to make sure that you are provided with good service, and as your supplier, and inspector of anything that you want, you won’t regret your choice and will see the beautification of your house come into full effect.
Our experience gives us the lead over other competitors, our customer relationship makes you happy, and our passion keeps up wanting more of our products and remaining faithful to us, and us only. 10years experience says it all, go through our gallery where we indicated glazing services see the testimonies of business, companies founder, individual alike, they say, “doing business with bespoke company and glazing is always worthwhile”. Why not chose us today and get the whole package of joy and satisfaction. We do not shy away from responsibilities, and always bring out the latest development of aluminium or any other thing that has be glazed. We encourage business to business communication and this makes us engage in productive partnership which benefits us, our partners, and most importantly our customers.
We also see our skills to corporate bodies, organizations that are very well interested in doing business with us, they can testify of our excellent customer relationship, and how we treat our customers. Also. We also produce glazed construction materials for companies willing to buy it in bulk, and also form a distribution unit with other individuals that takes our product well beyond South East London.

Our Awards

We have also been awarded the best construction company in South East London for Best Extension in 2014, and 2015.

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East Dulwich SE22, London

Aluminum Windows, Extension, Refurbishment

Dulwich SE23, London

Aluminum Windows, Extension

Dulwich Village SE21, London

Aluminum Windows, Extension, Rooflights